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Gulf Coast Wing Staff

Staff Officers and Appointed Officers listed below

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Wing Staff Officers

Wing Leader

CAF COL Len Root

Executive Officer

CAF COL Nancy Kwiecien


CAF COL Rex McLain

Operations Officer


CAF COL John Cotter

Finance Officer

CAF COL Dayna Salter

Maintenance Officer

CAF COL Terry Barker

Safety Officer


CAF COL John Bixby

Development Officer

CAF COL Jane Copeland


Wing Appointed Officers     

 Supply Officer

CAF COL Lee Brown

Lead Flight Engineer .

CAF COL Lee Brown / CAF COL Jim Hower

Lead Loadmaster

CAF COL Mike Hart

Tour Planning .

CAF COL John Alkire

 Recruiting/Retention Officer


CAF COL Angela Root

 PX Officer

CAF COL Kathy Doucette

 B-17 Rides Coordinator

CAF COL Jane Copeland

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